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Get the best from your swing now and into the future.

why custom clubs work

One of the key components to improving in golf is using golf equipment that is fitted to you, specific to your game and long term golfing needs.

Imagine it this way, if your shoe size is US8.5 and you walked around all day in size US12, you would get through the day, however by the end you would be uncomfortable, irritated and frustrated, you may even acquire an injury.

It is no different when it comes to golf equipment. The difference in having a properly fitted set matched to you and your game is substantial, and vital to improvement in the sport of Golf.

At The Golf Centre we have devised a unique fitting service to cater for all levels of golfers. We not only work out what is suitable in terms of brand, shaft length, shaft flex, grip size, lie angles, suitable lofts, set configuration/gapping and many more parameters, we also get to know your game and analyse your swing technique for now and factor into the fitting future changes so your new set fits you now and for the long term.

We also spend an equal amount of time assessing your short game equipment, including wedges and we also offer a full putter fitting service.

At The Golf Centre we have 3 fitting specialists who are also full-time PGA accredited golf coaches. Through 50 years of combined teaching and fitting experience we have found there is only one reason why most golfers want to purchase new clubs and that is to improve their golf game.

We share this view and are committed to that goal. Thats why we have devised this holistic and effective approach to our fitting service.

Book your fitting today with the expert Golf Centre team of fitting specialists and experience the difference.

trackman technology

Technology isn't influenced by emotions, perceptions or preconceived ideas. It simply measures the data and delivers the result. Trackman is a high-tech class leading device and is the authority piece of technology in club fitting. It measures everything from spin rates, ball speed, impact angles, impact location and many more data points.

We take these results and then use specific fitting clubs from all of the major manufacturers that can be adjusted to suit your swing, club speed, impact position and more during the fitting process. We substitute in different shafts which can have a drastic effect on the direction, spin rate, ball speed and the feel of your shots.

We carry out all of this from our custom built private fitting studio located adjacent to the golf range at Coffs Harbour Golf Club. A custom club fitting session takes approximately 90 minutes and there is a charge of $100 for this service of which the cost can be taken from your new set of clubs when the time comes to order.
club options
Once you have been custom fitted for your new clubs whether irons, hybrids, wedges, woods or putter, we prepare a detailed specification to give to the club manufacturer for production which includes things such as shaft brand and model, flex rating, weight and length, the lie angle of the club face, the thickness of the grip, the club/s required (eg PW through 4 iron), club finish (some clubs are available in silver, black and also copper options).

A non-refundable deposit is then required (as the clubs are made specifically for you) and are then put into production. The lead time for new clubs varies depending on the manufacturer and the components being used however our friendly team will be able to give you an estimate when you place your order.
Some golfers are concerned about ordering custom fitted golf clubs fearing that their swing will change and their clubs will no longer be functional. When we fit you for new clubs, we take into account your current ability, your handicap goals and then tailor your clubs to not only fit your game now but also taking into account your underlying ability and future progress. We will discuss this with you during a custom fitting session.
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Club fittings include an undercover Trackman session in our private fitting studio of up to 90 minutes with a PGA Professional. A charge of $100 applies and is refundable from the price of your new clubs. Please ensure you wear your golf shoes, glove and bring along your old clubs if applicable. We can custom fit your new driver, woods, irons, wedges and putter to get the most from your game.
supplier club fittings
The major golf club manufacturers often hold club fittings throughout the year in conjunction with new club releases. Please check all upcoming manufacturer club fitting events below and click the relevant fitting event for more information including how to book.

Mizuno Fitting Day

Club Fitting Date:
July 17, 2024
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Product Showcase:
ST-Max Driver
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