jnr golf (sunday subbies)
We have a brand new 9-hole Cadet competition for Juniors under 14 years (6-14 years of age recommended). It will begin in June 2024 and will take place each Sunday. We have nicknamed this “Sunday Subbies”.

The name is derived from the term for Cadets which was “Sub-Juniors” and nicknamed “Subbies” from past years.

This program has been designed to start Cadets playing golf in a friendly and safe 9 hole competition format. They will learn not only how to play golf but also to learn the rules and etiquette.

Most Sundays will start at 9am (8:45am check in). Occasionally times may have to be changed and if applicable, we will provide plenty of notice.

Each Sunday the entry fee is $10 per child. Prizes will be awarded. (Entry fee goes towards this).
MUST be a full Cadet member of the Coffs Harbour Golf Club (information via this link)
MUST have a parent / guardian or adult over the age of 18 caddy and assist their child
MUST have a water bottle and sunscreen
MUST fill out all relevant registration papers
Equipment is not a must but preferred. We do have limited stock of junior hire gear that we can supply at no charge, and we have discount deals for equipment for Cadet members for purchase.
More information will be shared in the next few days. Please check back in the next few days for details.
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courses and progression criteria
We have created 6 different courses with 3 short course set-ups to cater for 3 different grades. The program is performance based and progression is awarded to golfers who achieve the criteria listed below.
Purple Course
Intended for beginners, covering distances inside 100 metres. Relaxed rules include no penalties, limited bunker play, and a maximum shot count.

Progression to Orange tee is based on achieving a set score of 48.
Orange Course
Spanning 100-175 metres, this course introduces water penalties and stricter rules. Limited bunker play and preferred lies are allowed.

Progression to Green tees is performance based on scoring 45 or better.
Green Course
Covering distances of 125 - 225 metres, this course implements all standard rules, including bunker play. Preferred lies are permitted.

Advancement to B Grade is contingent upon performance, scoring 45 or better.
B Grade
Catering to female and male players from the Red tee box, this 9-hole course follows full rules, handicaps, and varying event formats.

Advancement criteria to A Grade includes achieving a 9-hole handicap of 18 and passing a rules quiz.
A Grade
This 9-hole course follows full rules, handicaps, and alternates between stroke and stableford event formats.
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post-play rules class
Objective: Following each Sunday session, participants will engage in a rule’s scenario aimed at enhancing their understanding of golf regulations and etiquette.

Implementation: A scenario featuring 'Hacker Hank' will be presented, challenging juniors to analyse and apply rules in practical situations. This exercise aims to foster a deeper comprehension of golf rules and promote exemplary on-course behaviour.

Example Scenario: Hacker Hank, while addressing his ball in a bunker, accidentally moves his ball with his club during a practice swing. Participants are tasked with determining the appropriate course of action according to the Rules of Golf. Through this scenario, juniors learn the importance of adhering to rules and the proper procedures for addressing common on-course incidents.

This refined structure ensures a professional and organised approach to junior golf development, providing clear pathways for skill advancement and career exploration.

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