Tyler Corfe
Welcome to our Coaching Tips

Welcome to our golfing tips section of the website!

Here you will find regular tips and techniques to help you get the most from your golfing experience. We will cover many different topics starting with;

  • The Fundamentals
  • Pre Shot Routine
  • Goal Setting
  • Keeping Stats and Records
  • Golf Psychology
  • Drills
  • Choosing a Golf Coach
  • Golf Fitness
  • On-course Practice
  • Playing with better players
  • Playing your Shape
  • Benefits of on-course lessons

We hope that it will help you become a better golfer and enjoy the game to your full potential! It's also going to be a great resource over time as we cover all of those things which may not be in a physical golf lesson, but can give you a different perspective to enjoying and getting the most out of your game.

Our coaching tips are created by our coaching team (as well as guest writers) and once you have digested all of the information, we would be more than happy to book you in for a lesson if you would like some more assistance!